About our team

Our staff is guided by Norma Guinto, an internationally renowned education consultant and Co-president of RedSOLARE Mexico, an organization that promotes and protects the pillars of the educational model inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy in Mexico. Norma has more than thirty years’ experience as an educator and thirteen years as director of reputed educational institutions. She has translated publications on the Reggio Emilia approach in collaboration with publishers such as Reggio Children, Ediciones Morata, and Editorial Norma.

We know that the educational experience provided at Hábitat Learning Community requires that the children be surrounded by adults that are able to guide them in the development of their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Our teachers are highly qualified, and careful and skilled listeners who respect the interests, curiosity, and learning pace of each child. Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge about socio-constructivist theories of development and conduct their own research based on their practice as educators.

For our English immersion program, we take care to hire teachers that are fully bilingual and trained to teach English as a second language. Some are native speakers of English, while others were educated at bilingual schools or studied in an English-speaking country.

We have formed an international group of educators that are passionate about education and take pleasure in learning together with their students. Our teachers are life-long learners and are engaged in a process of constant professional and personal growth through our rigorous continuous training program.

Countries of origin of our staff:

  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia

Nursery and Early Childhood,
teachers with a

40 %