Children require spaces and experiences that help them maximize their own potential. At Hábitat Learning Community®, we have designed spaces, an environment, and a pedagogy that offer the conditions necessary for children and adults to be able to research, question, learn, and develop our potential and our skills.

Our campus includes spaces such as:

The piazza (plaza), which is a meeting place where children and adults can interact, play, and explore.

The art atelier, a space where hands and thought join to give shape to children’s ideas through multiple artistic languages.

The sensory pathway, which allows the children to feel different textures with their feet, creating a rich multisensory experience.

The playground, designed to encourage imaginative and collaborative play and to develop the children’s physical dexterity.

The botanical gardens, areas where children and adults can immerse themselves in nature and learn about a wide variety of plants and other living organisms.

The multipurpose court for ball games and other athletic and cultural activities.

The grass field for physical education classes or any other activity or sport.

The botanical garden including more than a hundred arboreal, bush and herbaceous species.

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