Admissions are open year-round on an availability basis and subject to fulfilling the administrative and academic requirements. Hábitat Learning Community suggests that families begin the admissions process between December and January in order to secure a spot for their child(ren) the following school year.

1. Register and attend virtually or in person.

2. Send your proof of payment to and

3. Coordinate with the admissions area the appointments corresponding to the admission process, according to the grade to which your son or daughter aspires.

4. Once your admission letter has been received, submit the required documentation and make the corresponding payments for registration.

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Re-enrollment begins November 15th, 2020 and ends March 26th, 2021. After March 26th, 2021, spots left open will be available for new students, and enrollment will depend on availability.

Students must be up to date in their admission, inscription, and tuition payments in order to be allowed to enroll for the next school year.

1. You will receive an email with a link to a personalized folder including a checklist of forms you must fill out and documents you must upload before February 19th, 2021. Our reenrollment staff will review and approve the documents.

2. In early February you will receive an email with a link in order for you to schedule an appointment to come to campus and sign the documents. It is necessary that both parents come to the appointment.

3. Go to your appointment at the scheduled time. It is very important that you arrive punctually. Otherwise, you will have to reschedule your appointment.

4. Make your payment by credit/debit card, check or via wire transfer. Please make the payment on the same day as your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Once all documents have been signed, the last day to make your payment and thereby formally re-enroll your child is March 19th, 2021.