Our vision

For families seeking a different kind of education for their children, Hábitat Learning Community® offers a place not only for their children to learn, but one where the entire family benefits from a comprehensive learning experience. Through the interaction between children, adults, materials, and spaces, we learn from one another and develop new knowledge together.

In our community, your child is considered a competent citizen with great potential, and is respected as such. Children participate in meaningful learning experiences based on their own interests and curiosity, through collaborative projects in a happy, safe, and respectful environment built on trust.

We are aware of the current problems that our society faces and work to mitigate the social fragmentation brought on by individualism and excessive competition. Instead, we encourage the kind of collaboration that helps to form strong close-knit, democratic, compassionate, and loving communities.


To become a community that recognizes the potential inherent in childhood and, in a warm environment with strong ties to nature, encourages the joy brought forth by learning through the democratic interaction between its members. Regarded as competent citizens and guided by their curiosity, children develop their creativity and discover the world through collaborative projects.


To build a learning community in which every one of its members is committed to contribute her/his knowledge and abilities as well as learn from others, strengthening its ties and actively participating to positively impact society and the environment.