Hábitat Learning Community offers families seeking a different kind of education for their children a place where not only children learn, but the whole family benefits from a comprehensive learning experience. Through the interaction between children, adults, materials and spaces, we learn from each other and together build new knowledge.

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  • Hilda
    For my daughter, HLC is a place where she learns, explores and is happy. Her self-confidence has improved and she has socialized very naturally. For me as a mother, it gives me peace of mind to know that she is in a place where she is taken care of; where competent adults care about her integral development and about building a community.
  • Cynthia

    I am delighted that my son wants to do everything for himself, from dressing to eating and helping around the house. Something very important for me is that my son learns a second language, and I realize that little by little he is understanding sentences or even whole conversations, not just words. He always goes and returns happily from school. He loves his teachers and doing yoga postures he has learned in his yoga class. I am the happiest mother to see him so excited about school.

  • Vaira

    Hábitat is simply the perfect school: an extension of life at home, a place to learn and be happy. I value the academic proposal, beautiful facilities, English immersion program, delicious meals, care for the environment and all the other things one can read about on the website or by talking with the staff, but nothing compares with my daughter’s smile when I pick her up at school, or hearing her ask on weekends why we’re not going to Hábitat today. At HLC the children can be children and learn at their own pace in an environment that respects children’s normal development and their group dynamics. They don’t feel pressured and at the same time receive much more than at any of the educational proposals that we have considered for our children. Sitting quietly and passively listening to a teacher is long gone, and Hábitat LC is proof that we can make changes without sacrificing the quality of education.

  • Alejandra

    Our experience as a family at Hábitat Learning Community has been very special. We love that both students and parents are taken into account to really create a community, which is what we are in life. Being immersed in nature and allowing children to explore with their own senses makes Hábitat a different and inspiring place. We are very happy to be part of this educational proposal that is so enriching for the whole family!

  • Romel

    Delighted and very happy to be at Hábitat, each day that passes is better and will continue to be so. We live in a world in educational transition, which demands that our children grow up as independently as possible to reach adulthood with all the tools needed to solve any problem. Hábitat gives our children CREATIVITY, INDEPENDENCE and TRUST in themselves. HLC has a staff that is congruent at all times with its vision, allowing my children to develop these attributes. Congratulations to Hábitat for what it has achieved!

  • Alejandro & Diana

    Our experience at Hábitat LC goes far beyond what could be described using words. Our daughter has made a radical, positive change in her behavior and in the way she interacts with other children. I can say with all honesty that our daughter learned how to share well within the first month at school, while she had had difficulty doing so at two previously-attended schools. Our goal as parents is to offer our daughter the best opportunities available so she can make wise decisions in the future based on what makes her happy. At present, she undoubtedly finds her happiness day after day at Hábitat LC, and then comes home to excitedly tell us about her adventures at school.

    Alejandro & Diana
  • Grace

    My experience at Hábitat LC has undoubtedly been a great opportunity for the whole family to remember the importance of living in harmony within a community. Recognizing the value of each person regardless of their condition, as well as the capacity, rights and responsibilities of each child is how we can truly transcend and improve our environment.

  • Daniela

    Words cannot do justice to HLC. We are fortunate to have them around and for our children being there. As they used to say, "If you are looking for different results, don't always do the same thing." I am infinitely grateful that HLC has opted for an educational proposal different from the others in Guadalajara. That they have opted for a happy childhood and forging our children to be curious, intuitive and empathetic people to social problems. Congratulations to your entire team for their great passion for education, because they not only transmit knowledge, they also teach our children how to think and question, achieving the greatest potential of our little ones. Choosing a school is a great decision for a family, but knowing HLC and seeing the love and passion with which they do their job, made it really easy to make this decision!

  • Mónica & Jorge

    We are very surprised at what the term “education” means in Hábitat and how our own concept has changed now that our daughter is part of the community. It might be easy to understand but not to execute; to create a place were a child can be happy and enjoy their moment at the same time that they start knowing, understanding, learning and assimilating all the information they need for their development. In Hábitat they make this connection in a way that is natural and friendly to them. Without doubt, they are preparing different human beings for the different world that they are going to face.

    Mónica & Jorge

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